Plant Based Diet

More and more people are choosing to turn to a plant based diet, whether for ethical reasons, environmental concerns, health reasons or because of social pressure.

Plant based diets are rich in nuts, seeds, pulses such as lentils and chickpeas, wholegrains such as oats, brown rice/pasta and bread, fruit and vegetables and beans. All of these foods can provide all the nutrients needed for optimum health and include essential fats, protein, iron, fibre and vitamins and minerals. In fact, the British Dietetic Association has confirmed that a well planned vegan diet can “support healthy living in people of all ages”.

It is important, as with any diet, to plan, so that you can ensure that your diet contains all the nutrients you need. Well balanced, plant-based diets low in saturated fat can help you manage your weight and may reduce your risk of heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes, however there are some nutrients that you need to pay attention to and this is where I can help you.

If you are thinking of turning to a plant based diet or are already following such a diet and are concerned that you may not be getting all the nutrients that your body requires, please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Consultation Highlights

A plan will be made for you to follow and will be emailed or posted to your home address
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